A Minimalist Contemporary Kitchen that Embraces Light

Kitchen Renovation Glenelg

A Minimalist Contemporary Kitchen that Embraces Light

The brief was to turn a 20-year-old outdated apartment into an open plan living area with the kitchen being the heart and soul of it all.

The unbroken views of the city in the east and marina to the west from the 4th level apartment block was the inspiration for its design. We wanted to welcome in the distance night lights into the apartment.

The result? A completely backlit kitchen island that fills the home with radiance. We essentially created a lightbox utilising translucent Corian White Onyx for the bench and waterfall edge, approximately 70lm of dimmable LED light strips and careful consideration to how both elements would interact to achieve the ultimate effect!

The customised, fully functional kitchen with the Onyx backlit Island brings the wow factor to this space. It brings a level of excitement and joy to the room, making it the perfect spot for endless conversations, meals and special gatherings with family and friends.