Open Plan Living

Open living and Kitchen Renovation

Open Plan Living

Open plan living is becoming increasingly popular over time and for a good reason too.

Modern living is all about free-flowing spaces, optimising natural light, integration of spaces and entertaining. With all the free information on hand from television, the internet, and social media, we have become more in tune with what we want from our built environment and more hands-on with the creative process.

Long gone are the days where you would meander through long narrow dark corridors through segregated rooms and constantly struggle with the adjustment of heating, cooling, and lighting. Now we act with the intent to maximise the use of the space.

With the demand for modern living, the popularity of renovations centred around open plan has increased. Home Remodelling with this focus often involves wall removals, installing additional windows and large doors to join inside-outside spaces.

We’ve had a massive response to this particular service and continue getting enquiries.

Our team of highly skilled construction managers, tradesman and consultants ensure we can help achieve which may seem impossible with the least disruption and at any budget.